KOBATAEN provides select fragrant tea leaves from the birthplace of Japanese green tea, Ujitawara in Kyoto.


Kobataen Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "we") hereby strives to protect privacy information in the following ways.

1.About Safety Management Measures

We take measures to safely secure the personal information received from our guests by ensuring proper security.

2.About Personal Information

We will use the personal information received from our guests by ensuring proper security for the purpose of providing or informing you of our products (including our affiliated companies), services, information and others.

3.About Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties.

The personal information received from our guests will not be disclosed to any third party other than our outsourcing companies, affiliated companies, successor companies of our group companies. However, we may disclose the information in case that we are required to do so from public institutions pursuant to laws.

4.About Disclosing to the Aforementioned Person or Correction.

If you wish to refer to or change your information provided to us, we will deal with it within a reasonable range as soon as we receive the requests.

5.About Correction of Privacy Policy

We are intent on continuously upgrading and improving the management of personal information.

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